Various Recorded Detritus

Sunday, March 12, 2017

C.L.E.M. Mix Track Part 1 (updated 3/13/17)

New project, I'm undertaking a longform mix containing tracks from artists featured in the seminal Contact List of Electronic Music. Tracks don't have to be specifically named in the review nor do they have to be from albums mentioned within (though this is preferable). I'll be using the only issues I could find online in .pdf or image form: 1984 and 1986. I'll compile these in block form, uploading each section to the Internet Archive before combining them into one glorious, minimal melange.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Profit Motive - Brink Of Eternity (excerpt)

A little change of the snail's pace here: a video! Yes, I found this little nugget of experimental, hiss-laden synthetics on a directory titled "yinz guys". An appropriate title, given the western Pennsylvanian origin of this obscurity. Credited to "Ian Wilkinson" on the mp3, I know next to nothing about this release, or if it was even really released. I do know this project has a track featured on the first Outward Inward comp released by the great SSS label. Beyond that, I have no real clue, nary even a scan. Shame. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

fig. 1: reissue

[Bob] Dombrowski - Synthesis (1987 C60)
Seeing as my collection mostly consists of out-of-print printed matter, I figured I'd commemorate the ones that dwell in an undeserved obscurity and deserve renewal.
Take for instance the release above: a cassette tape simply titled "Synthesis" put together by the fellow seen on the portrait in its plastic casing. The piper is Bob Dombrowski, who played the pipes heard on this curiosity. Three disparate sidelong tracks of non-stop bagpipe action are featured here playing in sequence (thus, synthesis) creating a sublime beauty reminiscent of what Henry "Celestial Power" Flynt was doing all those years back.
All in all, I think this gem would be a great jewel to unearth and thrust into the new world by intrepid sonic explorers.

Hachiman-mae - Hachiman-mae (1996 C'60')

Another curious cassette in my hands in this one pictured here: Hachiman-Mae. Self-titled and fairly short, this is a nice little release. Noisy, avant-garde folk played by Napalmed collaborators. I haven't heard nor received their other work but I will definitely seek them out in the future. In the meantime, this tape is a nice oddity worthy of some reprise.

Shrinkwrap - I've Fallen... And I Can't Get Up! (1989 C10)
Good 'ol fashioned sado-industrial noise rocking. These guys played with Kevin Michael "Jesus Christ" Allin (popularly known as 'gg') on an album or two of his. Coming straight from the rusty rustic industrial countryside in Indiana, PA, this is pounding, sample-heavy stuff. It's fun to listen to, and that's what matters in the end. They did compile all their stuff onto one tape but I've never seen it in the plastic or in digital form. I'd figure this would be good reissue fodder for an enterprising label that specializes in this area of muzik.

John Gruntfest, Weldon McCarty, Richard Festinger, Joseph Sabella - Live At Pangaea One (1977 LP)
Probably should get a better picture of this eventually...
Private press records are always a delight. A sense of independence emanates from the musky, old lining of the engraved waveform within. And what's more independent than some hippy free jazz? Not much, I say.
Anyway, the music here is some good, improv-heavy jazz with some flute thrown in. At least, that's how I recall it sounding. May need to dig these out again for reappraisal. I digress, this is a fine free jazz/improv record with a cool name.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Folkdances of the Mesozoic: Pečurka Goes Underground

The obscure stuff you find in local record shops are the reason why I enjoy them so much. Stuff like this especially. The weird, slightly musky smell that emanates from the packaging, the pasted-on album cover with a ripped corner, the xeroxed pieces of paper that contain lyrics and dance rhythms. Of course, not all finds are like this, and that's for the better: because if every cheap and obscure record was like this one, I wouldn't go about the endeavor. What makes this interesting to me is the fact that it looks like some kind of Ethno Psych Folk gem from the 70s, it even has mushrooms on the cover! The name, too, gives an aura of mystery. Then you listen to it, and find that it wasn't a Balkan influenced Simon Finn / Comus tour de force, instead you hear the sweet sounds of straight folkdances. Then you realize you just payed 250 buckaroos for it on Ebay because the guy put "Psych" in the title (which is an actual auction, buy it while you can). From ragtime to klezmer, this is still an interesting thing to behold. For me, anyway, I actually do like myself some Balkan folk music. It's not exactly something I'd listen to every other day, but it's interesting and I respect it. That goes for the other genres represented here, too.