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C.L.E.M. Mix Track Part 1 (updated 3/13/17)

New project, I'm undertaking a longform mix containing tracks from artists featured in the seminal Contact List of Electronic Music. Tracks don't have to be specifically named in the review nor do they have to be from albums mentioned within (though this is preferable). I'll be using the only issues I could find online in .pdf or image form: 1984 and 1986. I'll compile these in block form, uploading each section to the Internet Archive before combining them into one glorious, minimal melange.

Track #1: Courage of Lassie - Gigue

Anyway... Why not start with something ethereal and pretty?
Courage of Lassie have released a C-50 cassette of both past and present music called the "Threshold of Hearing" it has received very good reviews in the local music media and has reached number one on University Radio Station playlists in Western Canada. The music is a mixture of ethnic instruments and modern EM. Vocal, flowing soothing vocal play an important part to most of the music. Music from the Present side like the cut Gigue is continuous, flowing, the kind of music that fills a room and floats around creating a pleasant feeling, an enjoyable environment. 235 distributuion will have the cassette for sale in Germany, and we hope for more distribution in the future. CLAS also has the tape for sale. Send IRC for more info. (1986)
Track #2: DK - Reason For This

Whatta racket.
Back in April '84 I received 3 cassettes from DK. The music is a series of songs, musical pieces, sound collages and in general fun with a tape recorder. From acoustical instruments to EM or treated tape you experience lots of different sounds. If you've an open mind to what is music or what is entertaining then I think you'd like these tapes. Other reviews mention groups like the Residents or Captain Beefheart but only as reference points. Some parts of the tape 'Rhythms that Answers Questions' would fit on any good EM commercial record. The piece on right now reminds me of Phillip Glass. Check out reviews in OP issues M, R and U. The cost is hopefully a trade of your musical cassette or a blank cassette and return postage. (1986)
Track #3: Emily Faryna - Compromise

Also known as "Emily"...
First release, MDM7, March 1983, "by Plaything - The Conquest Of The Human ...Over The Chaos Of Nature", spontaneous music, recorded in collaboration with Neil Osborne OP magazine said '... the cathedral quality tonality of the songs makes this tape a sobering but deep experience.' Still some available for $6. New release, MDK 10, March 1984. 'Emily - I've got a steal bar in my head" C-30. Contains new material currently being played live by Emily. Cost $5. The cassette MDM 10 has now been released as a C-50 with the help of CLAS. It's a real time production and the sound quality is good. The first fifty sold out and another set is in production. Emily has played many local duos and would like tour Europe and play over there. Any contacts you can help her with please write. Anyone liking new independent new wave and rhythmic music would enjoy Emily's music. Send IRC for more info or write CLAS. (1986)
 Track #4: Blair Petrie - Restaurant

This guy is excitable...
Blair Petrie has been a long time supporter of both CLEM and Alien Soundtracks. His musical activities have ranged from avant garde groups with names like Necromaner to a punk groupcalled The Shriek. Although he has been in a group called Sexbeat as late as 1983 he started a solo career in 1980. In '83 he released his first solo cassette called Interference, it's a mixture of atmospheric avant garde and experimental EM. In 1984 his second cassette Noise was released, again more experimental EM. In late '83 NRBP a 12" mini LP was released. Tom Harrison of the Province said, "At the other end of the spectrum, Blair Petrie's NRBP dances from light electronic rock to minimalist experimental." And Kent at Aeon said, "The five tracks range from avant rock electronic to atmospheric classical pieces characterized by flowing string movements and dark powerful synths." This is one EP that has to be played both sides before you Judge it as some parts may not appeal to every one. Both the cassettes and EP are available from CLAS for more info you can send an IRC to Blair as he has an exstensive biography which he can send you. Blair along with John Cohoon have produced a video which they are willing to copy and send you. Send a blank 3/4 " - 20 minute long tape and return postage. The Video is about paranoia, mutation, distortion, and TV. With a warped sense of humour, and was produced with the assistance of Rogers Cable 10. (1986)
Track #5: Si Monkey - Get Rigid

These guys are almost impossible to find outside of some comps...
Si Monki has been on the local scene for many years and has finally put out a Greytest Hats tape. That's the title of this C-60 which includes their Stitching Small Tears contribution 'Don't Leave Me'. Their music ranges from independent rock and roll to inventive use of EM with lots of emphasis on the vocals. It's mostly upbeat, energy type music, well recorded. You can write direct or CLAS has the tape for sale. (1986)
Track #6: Perry Mark Stratychuk - Art On Time

Some kind of indie film auteur, so to speak. Now an expatriate in China doing what he does...
Perry Mark Stratychuk is a film maker and also a creator of some very beautiful EM. He has released a C-45 of his works which include soundtracks for his films. It's flowing synth and and can help you Just imagine the films, let your mind travel the outer limits, and flow with the music. On the whole very soft and relaxing. The quality is very good. He also has a 7" EP of the soundtrack to his film ' A soft look'. This costs $4 plus postage. The cassette costs $6 plus postage direct from Perry. Send IRC for more info. CLAS also has the tape for sale. (1986)
Track #7: Melodic Energy Commission - Melody Is Energy

Some badass string work here...
MSC's 2nd LP is still available, called 'Migration of the Snail' it's a fusion of musical styles mostly folk and EM with lots of independent acoustical music. Lotus records has had the LP's before so check them out as they may still have copies. CLAS also has it for sale. (1986)
Track #8: Lightdreams - Voiceless Voice

If any album sounded like its cover art...
"Paul Marcano continues to produce cassettes and is now working with video. The newest piece in progress is 'Mystical Myxtures' to be completed later this year. 1983-84's release 'Airbrushingalaxies' is the official follow-up to the 'Islands in Space' LP. The music flows beautifully on this 90 min cassete. Like most of Paul's work, it's music to be played when you can relax and enjoy the tour through your mind. Lightdream's 1982 work '10,001 Dreams' is also great for exploring the constellations of your imagination. Send IRC for price and info." 

CLAS also has the LP for sale. Very enjoyable progressive guitar work that is very close to celestial EM. (1986)
Track #9: Vito Ricci - The Ship Was Sailing

A more contemplative boogie...
Received the tape, 'Postones' by Vito Ricci. Very nice relaxing music. Side 1 is very soft music with recorded bird songs. Side 2 has more variety from avant-garde jazz sound to upbeat Africa drums. The cassette goes for $5 plus postage. Vito has a long history in music and his one page bibliography lists many well known names in music.
Track #10: Keeler - Apparitions

Planet love, baby!
Keeler, better known as Keith Walsh (half of the EM duo, Port Said) has released his first solo cassette called 'Planet of Lovers'. His explanation is pretty close to mine, so: "Keeping in character with his group work, a lot of tonal territory, varied moods and styles and experimental wanderings are covered, while retaining a melodic structure. It may be adventuresome from time to time, but it's not difficult music." It's not harsh music but it's not soft flowing synth melodies either. No cost but Aeon has it for sale, so check their catalogue.

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