Sunday, June 11, 2017

the nonrecognitions

Oh Gaddy, we hardly understood ye...

Originally was going to post this on the other blog, but I figured it fit here in its out of placedness...
Two releases of very different genres contained under herein, Spanish folk guitar and Spanish house tecchy electronics.

Hawke & Swan - G7 E.P.

Nice n funky and slightly hypnotic. EP or minialbum? Electronic music is never very clear on its medium of delivery, but at least it delivers.

Juan Serrano - The Flashing, Glittering World of the Flamenco Guitar of...

I was familiar with this cat, or a very similarly named cat who played music in the Antilles. Anyways, I always thought Flamenco to be one of if not the greatest form of folk music devised. Glorious and melodious and melancholic and joyful and full of life, it is.

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