Monday, January 1, 2018

detritus Among us

The video Google didn't want you to see/hear/sense... At least that's what I've gathered from the copywrong claim. I made this as a fun little project after getting a bit more into this musician, the pOiSon GiRlFRienD (or however idiosyncratically you wanna spell it). She's worked with Momus, a musician I respect greatly,  in the past and it shows in both her name and a bit something in her sound. Obviously, her name is a callback to the excellent "Poison Boyfriend" album released in the middle of the incredible "Circus Maximus" and "Tender Pervert". Released in 1992, this track christened "Melting Moment" resembles the tender pervert's sound at the time with albums like Voyager, Hippopotamomus, and a bit later with Timelord... At least that's what my deceiving ears tell me.

With this little video of mine, I actually bothered to give motion to my haphazard sub-photoshop smatterings of modernist articisms; motion I though appropriate to the songs "melting" fracas nature. Anywhom, this was to be the given description on the aforementioned project to give a bit of flavor to my adoring subscribers. Enjoy the mishmash:
Beautiful bit 'o Japanese electro artpop by noted a Momus collaborator... I decided to spice up the video a bit with some fancy effects, I had some fun with it. A hodgepodge of werks by the man Max Ernst animated and appropriately melted.
good tidings...
Shawn Rudiman / Arne Weinberg - Chord Control

Yeah, there's more, to make this vanity press feel less like a vanity. Not in vain, however! I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last post, which I should know given that it's less than a click away, but I'm not the biggest connoisseur of the Electronic proclivities. I've lived in the cave too long, neglecting the cavern-like rave clubs in favor of the musty stalactites of the experimentalists domain. But I've been giving Techno and House more of a shot in recent years, specifically those of the ambient and minimal variety. Osmosis through vidja gaem backings help a bunch, of course, though I have been finding myself enjoying this kind of stuff on its own quite a bit.

Now, down to brass tracks. Rudiman makes a style hearkening to the thumpings of old in Detroit, despite being from my hometahn of Pittsburgh. "Pittsburgh-Tech" doesn't ring many bells. With my limited knowledge, that's not the typical kind of self-deprecation exhibited my many mind you, I can only say so much of this record. I'm not a club-goer, nor am I so much within the "in crowd", if that exists anymore. With this in mind I can atleast say that this is some danceable stuff, with nice dub flourishes. Arne Weinberg is another DJ, and makes some fine tracks here too. Cool sampling certainly. 

...think less
Risaeðlan ‎– Ívar Bongó

This one might have found its way onto my other blog if it just stood a bit more off the line, where it might have got hit with a train. I'm not quite sure, I had something going in my mind but I could not quite work it out. Basically, what I'm trying to communicate is that this is a bit too 'normal' for me. Which is strange. This is a strange record, with odd folk elements, quirky instrumentals, and yelps for vocals. Almost touches at Family Fodder, just less anglo-franco. I'm not sure. This is definitely a weird album, and maybe there was a whole "nýtt-wave" analog in Iceland to America and Albion's translated agitator and Germany's NDW and Japan's technopop exposures. Maybe I'm just desensitized to all the slightly off and obscure records I see at local record shops which just barely miss the mark for me. You might like it, though. Who knows? I don't know anything and I got this far. Only one way to find out:


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